What Size Dog Crate Do I Need?

What size dog crate do I need?

When choosing what size dog crate you need, it’s important to factor in a few elements. First and foremost, your dog’s needs must come first. However you’ll also need to consider how their new crate will fit in your home. In this article we’ll outline the key factors you’ll need to consider when deciding what size dog crate to get for your dog.

Striking the balance between your dog’s needs and your living space can be a tricky task, especially if you live in a smaller property or flat. Sometimes the generic, standards sized metal crates may not be fit for purpose. However, thankfully at The Pet Carpenter, we offer a completely bespoke service, enabling you to tailor your pet furniture precisely to your dog!

Standing Room

It’s likely your dog will rarely stand in their new dog crate. However, you need to factor in their natural standing height when sizing up your new furniture. They need to be able to comfortably walk in, stand and turn around, without affecting their gait or natural range of movement.

If you’re crate training a puppy, you may want to start off with a smaller crate and switch to a larger size when they outgrow it. Crates are intended to be used as cosy, safe spaces. So ones that are too large may be less appealing to your puppy while they’re tiny.

Lying Room

In addition to standing room, your dog also needs plenty of space to lie down. This includes space for all the strange contortions and positions they enjoy while they sleep. If you have multiple dogs that enjoy snoozing together, make sure you factor in enough space for both of them to lie down individually. Luckily our Skye Double Bedroom is designed specifically for multiple dogs!

Depending on the type of bedding you’re planning to put in your crate, you may need to measure extra height to accommodate it. This is particularly true for mattress style beds, which can be quite thick and rigid.

Bowls, Beds and Toys

We all know how important it is that dogs have access to fresh water 24/7. This includes while they’re in their crate (especially if the door is closed.) Some dogs like using their crates during meal times too. If this is the case, you may want to factor in additional space for bowls separate to your pup’s sleeping area. We do have two bedroom styles, The Luna and The Huxley, which offer integrated feeding drawers for pups.

Dog crates provide a great ‘base’ for your dog in the home. They’re often where your pup’s belongings naturally accumulate over time. Being able to store your dog’s things neatly in and around your crate keeps everything tidy and in one place. Adding additional integrated storage is a great way to accommodate this but will of course increase the size of your piece of pet furniture as a whole.

Fitting Spaces in Your Home

Of course, another important factor when sizing up your dog’s crate, is finding a designated space for it in your home. While we’ve already mentioned the importance of your crate being the correct size for your dog, you also need ample space to keep it in your home. There are plenty of suitable places to keep your crate, depending on the size of your space. Remember to also measure any doorways, hallways and stairs your crate will need to negotiate in order to get into your home. If access to your home is a concern please be reassured that we can accommodate for this during the design process.

Our bespoke pet bedrooms also offer a range of multipurpose storage solutions to help you integrate your pet’s furniture with your home as a whole. We create pieces to custom measurements, including working around existing alcoves, corners and other awkward spaces. At The Pet Carpenter we’re passionate about creating stylish and functional pet furniture that fits effortlessly in your home.

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