5 Ways To Create Totally Bespoke Pet Furniture With The Pet Carpenter

bespoke pet furniture with feeding station and drawer

Every piece of pet furniture made by the experienced team at The Pet Carpenter is completely bespoke. We craft all of our wooden pet furniture by hand and work alongside you throughout the design process to ensure that the final product is something that will look and work exactly how you imagined it would: completely functional, visually appealing, and, most importantly, totally comfortable for your pet!

While the benefits of crafting bespoke pet furniture undoubtedly speak for themselves, some of the most common questions we receive centre around how you can actually make your final design unique. You might already have a vision of what you’d like your pet furniture to look like but need a little guidance when it comes to choosing the right features and design to make your piece stand out. Our team have come together to compile some of their favourite ways you can create totally bespoke pet furniture with us. These include:

Pick A Distinct Colour

The beauty of designing bespoke pet furniture is that you can create an item that perfectly represents your personal style and home decor tastes. Whether you are looking to create the missing piece to an otherwise uniform interior style or want something that stands out loud and proud, colour is key in making your furniture look and feel like your own. 

When you design with us, you can pick a distinct colour from our carefully selected palette of Farrow & Ball colours or embrace the freedom to select any paint colour or brand. The choice is yours, and the result is a piece of furniture that you will identify as uniquely yours for the years to come!

blue pet furniture


Add A Personalised Touch

It’s not just the colour and finish of your furniture that can give it a distinct look as you could also add additional personalised touches to your piece of furniture. Whether you want to include an engraved name plaque on the front of the piece, choose soft furnishings with sentimental value, or pick handles that match your home from our premium collection of ironmongery, there are lots of ways that you can quite literally make your pet’s home their own. Plus, we’re always happy to work with you if there’s another way you’d like to make your furniture stand out. We’re all about creating furniture that exactly meets your requirements so we’ll do our very best to make even the wackiest personalisation ideas work!

close up of black ironmongery on furniture

Tailor The Space To Multiple Pets

If you have multiple pets at home, you’ll be well aware that finding ways to keep a calm environment can be tricky. Generic dog crates and beds tend to keep pets very separate from each other and many of our customers turn to bespoke pet furniture to create a more harmonious atmosphere. 

With this in mind, have a think about how your pets interact with each other and make the most of features like our divides, bars, panels and doors to create a single piece of furniture that meets both (or all!) of their needs. This doesn’t necessarily mean that your pets have to share the same space all of the time (you could opt for our removable divide to create a space that can be both communal and private) but it does guarantee that the furniture you create will be tailored to their varying needs and personalities. We’ve even created bespoke pet furniture for dogs and cats to share so dream big – no set of requirements is too unique when you’re creating from scratch!

pet bedroom for two dogs

Incorporate Multi-Functional Features

Don’t forget to consider functionality when creating your pet furniture design. While practical features are rarely the first to come to mind when the goal is to be different, one of the main advantages of creating a completely bespoke piece of furniture is that you can address issues and frustrations you may have with generic pet furniture. You could add a clever feeding drawer to your design to stamp out mess and spills within your pet’s bedroom, and even include our bespoke washable blinds to remove the need to cover your crate with a rug at nighttime.

feeding drawer

Give Your Pet The Space They Really Need

Arguably the simplest but most important way you can customise your pet furniture is by getting the size right. Different pets have different needs so it’s well worth making the most of a blank canvas and designing furniture with the perfect level of space for your pet to be comfortable in. On a very basic level, this part of the design process involves paying close attention to our size guide and making sure that your furniture meets welfare guidelines. However, you should also take the time to consider your pet’s needs beyond measurements and dimensions. Shyer dogs might prefer a cosy space while active pets will enjoy room to spread!

unique corner pet bedroom

These are just a few of the fantastic ways that you can customise your pet’s space with The Pet Carpenter, but we’re sure that you will have even more ideas once the creative juices start flowing. Get in touch if you have any questions about your ideas or start designing your bespoke pet furniture straight away by using our online tool.

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