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Please feel free to download any images you find inspiring. You can upload them to our design quote form to help us design your furniture.

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Soft furnishings

Soft Furnishings

Bespoke Dresser Sideboard Dog Crate Furniture

Large Dresser

Open Dog Bedroom with Wine Rack

Open Dog Bedrooms with Wine Rack

Bespoke Cupboard and Drawers Dog Crate Furniture

Cupboard and Drawers

Wine Rack Dog Crate Furniture

Dog Crate Furniture with Wine Rack

Triple Dog Bedroom with Drawers

Triple Dog Bedroom with Drawers

L-Shaped Triple Dog Bedroom

L-Shaped Triple Dog Bedroom

Vert de Terre Double Dog Bedroom

Vert de Terre Double Dog Bedroom

Up and Over Door

Up and Over Door

Handleless Drawers

Handleless Drawer

Oak Trim

Oak Detail

dog exiting crate in corner of living room

Corner Open Bedroom

Double Open Bedroom

Dog Furniture with Soft Furnishings

bespoke pet furniture with feeding station and drawer

Feeding Station and Drawer

Washable Blinds

Removable Blinds

Preference Red and Rose Gold Finish

Oak Complimentary Furniture

Complimentary Furniture

Double Bedroom Bespoke Colour

example of rabbit furniture with

Small Double Dog Bedroom

rabbit bedroom with hay feeder and bars at end

House Rabbit Furniture with Hay Feeder

rabbit home with built in hay feeder

House Rabbit Furniture Hay Feeder

interior view of ladder leading up to upper level of rabbit home

House Rabbit Furniture Ground Floor

House Rabbit Furniture First Floor

House Rabbit Sideboard

House Rabbit Sideboard

House Rabbit Furniture

Double Dog Bedroom with matching Cat Bed

Teal and White Dog Bedroom with Storage

Dog Bedroom Furniture for two Medium to Large Dogs

White and Brass Double Dog Bedroom

Wood Wax Dog Bedroom with Sliding Door

Double Dog Bedroom with Up and Over Doors

Small Dog Bedroom with Storage

Double Dog Bedroom with Storage

Dog bedroom with curtains | 3

Dog bedroom with curtains | 2

Dog bedroom with curtains | 1

Dog Crate with Wine Rack, Drawers and an Up and Over Door

dog in pet furniture

Dog crate with Cupboard, Drawers and Feeding Station

Dog crate furniture with three side drawers

furniture design for small pets

Dog crate furniture for small dogs

Double dog crate with three drawers

Parma grey dog crate furniture with up and over door

Removable divide

Black bar handle

House rabbit furniture with sideboard and storage

Black hinge / closed

Black knob handle

Large double dog crate furniture with feeding drawers

Large double dog crate sideboard with drawers

Silver hinges / open

Silver hinges

Double feeding drawer / open

Double feeding drawer / closed

Silver knob handle

Silver bar handle

Silver latch

Double dog crate sideboard

Corner dog crate

Oak waxed double dog crate furniture

Black furniture with three dog crates

Dark green double dog crate furniture

Desk with dog crate

TV media unit with dog crate

Green open pet crate with cupboards

Hague Blue single dog crate with sliding door

Black Latch


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