Pet Bedroom Features

Discover more about the design and functional features that you can include in your pet furniture.

Beautiful design choices and functional features

Ordering bespoke furniture might appear daunting at first so we have broken down the key design aspects to consider. You can then make informed choices, curating your own look and style while creating the perfect space for your pet.


Our doors are meticulously designed to enhance your pet’s experience with their space. We offer three door options, and we make a doorless version: the ultimate cosy raised dog bed.

  • Our hinged door is designed to ensure that it does not extend beyond the crate’s edge, eliminating the annoyance of swinging doors that can lead to accidental leg bumps.
  • For added convenience, we also offer a sliding door style on our furniture. The smooth mechanism allows for effortless operation while maintaining the safety of your dog. The sliding door is typically designed to slide halfway across the furniture, providing maximum accessibility for your furry friend to enter their crate space.
  • For a touch of elegance, our unique and exclusive up-and-over slide-away door style is also available. This door system functions like a drawer, allowing the door to be lifted and neatly tucked inside the crate. This design creates a luxurious bed space for your dog, with minimal bars at the front, creating a very stylish piece of furniture. When needed, the door can be easily and securely closed.
  • A doorless bedroom allows the same versatility of the furniture around your pets raised bed while adding the key feature of insulation from the floor and a cosy space for them to take themselves away.

Choose the door style that best suits your preferences and create a comfortable and visually pleasing environment for your beloved pet.

End Panels

There are three variations of end panel design to accommodate your pet’s needs.
Choose from:

  • Full end panels to create a cosy space.
  • Bar ends for a more open and airy feel.
  • Or combine the two with a half panel and half bar end to their space.


The bars are a prominent and important feature of our furniture as they provide the security for your pet when using it as a safe crate space. We offer a variety of options for the bars, including black, silver, or custom colours of your choice. Typically we will match the colour of the bars to the chosen colour of your ironmongery, creating a cohesive and visually appealing look.

Alternatively, we can also create a contrasting colour scheme to make the bars stand out and add a unique touch to your furniture. With our customisable bar options, you can personalise your furniture to suit your style preferences and create a stunning visual impact.

Feeding Drawer

Incorporating the single or double feeding drawer feature within your pet’s crate is an excellent choice to avoid spills within the bedroom area. Whether you prefer a dedicated drawer for water or both water and food, our feeding drawer design offers a unique and practical solution. It not only enhances the functionality of your pet’s crate but also adds to the overall aesthetic appeal of the furniture. With our attention to detail and commitment to both form and function, we strive to create furniture that enhances the daily routines of both pets and owners.

Soft furnishings

In collaboration with our soft furnishings partner, The Artisan Dog Company, we can incorporate elements to bring additional comfort to your pets. All soft furnishings are made with washable, pet friendly quality fabrics.

Options include the addition of bespoke fitted curtains which are made to be removable to allow for cleaning. These allow for both light and temperature regulation within the bedroom space. These can also be match with our bespoke fitted soft pillow cushions for added extra comfort inside your pets space.

The service from Harry and team was second to none!! LOOK at this amazing bespoke build, where Harry was able to change the dimensions after submission as the pup grew bigger than expected! Two lovely pieces, blended together by one continuous piece of beautiful oak. Matches our newly renovated kitchen and in the extension which is now our snug. Ellie and Amber love it, day or night, and we are super pleased, so much so that our dog friends are already popping in to look at this amazing piece of art!

Kim K - London

Design for multiple dogs

For owners with multiple dogs, our divide feature offers an ideal solution by providing separate crate spaces within a single piece of furniture. When selecting the type of divide, it’s essential to consider your dogs’ individual needs. You have the choice between a full panel or bar divide, each offering distinct advantages.

Divides can be designed as fixed elements within the furniture, ensuring a permanent separation between the crate spaces. Alternatively, we can create removable divides, granting you the flexibility to adjust the configuration and create a larger space where your dogs can comfortably snuggle up together.

We understand that every dog is unique, and our goal is to accommodate their specific requirements. With our thoughtful design options, you can customise the divide feature to suit your dogs’ needs, allowing them to enjoy their own designated spaces or enjoy cosy companionship within the furniture.

Additional Features

As every piece we design with clients is bespoke to their pets and personal style, there is always the option to include additional features. Examples include:

  • Personalisation for example including engraved name plaques.
  • If chewing is a concern, we can add anti chew strips to edges and corners to minimise risk of damage.
  • Whilst we use water resistant finishes some clients like added protection in the base of the bedroom to mitigate damage from accidents. A layer of removable plastic lining can be added.
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