6 Furniture Trends To Look Forward To In 2024

Here at The Pet Carpenter, we cannot wait for the new year. Okay, we haven’t even hit the peak of the Christmas festivities yet, but there’s something irresistibly appealing about looking ahead at this time of year. In fact, there’s an almost endless list of things that we cannot wait for in 2024: all of the new places that we might visit to walk our dogs; the enrichment activities we might be able to enjoy together; and the new furniture trends that we might get to experiment with. 

Though we aren’t expecting to see a complete overhaul of furniture fashion the second the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve, 2024 feels set to be a year of change. From colours to functionality, we’ve provided a rundown of some of the exciting furniture trends that you will instantly want to incorporate into your home or piece of bespoke pet furniture.

Bright Colours

This furniture trend is sure to make 2024 pop! Bright colours are tipped to give the new year a distinctive energy from the very get-go after a pretty long period of minimalist palettes and neutral colours dominating popular pieces. Whether you go all out and create different colour contrasts throughout each room of the house or choose a couple of statement colour pieces like a bright blue sofa or glorious green kitchen cabinets, 2024 is the year of finding ways to embrace your creativity and make different elements of your home stand out.

Sustainable Styles

Sustainability has been rightfully creeping its way into the manufacture of furniture for a number of years now, but 2024 has to be the year when responsible values finally make it into the mainstream. This trend will likely manifest itself in a number of ways, giving you a number of options if you want to embrace the green revolution within your home. From furniture made out of repurposed materials or sustainably sourced wood to timeless designs that you’ll treasure forever, the old will start to become the new as sustainable styles become a mainstay in furniture design.

Smart Technology Integration

You can’t go anywhere these days without being surrounded by different types of smart technology. Though it will always take a lot of convincing to persuade some individuals that they should let smart technology into their homes, 2024 will see modern features continue to be integrated into furniture in more unique ways. Smart technology aims to make our lives easier and more enjoyable, so whether you embrace this trend with cabinets or sideboards featuring integrated wireless chargers or kit the whole home out with smart tech, there’s a lot to look forward to in 2024.

Clever Storage Solutions

While furniture in 2024 is almost guaranteed to stand out, there’s no reason why functionality will be forgotten in the new year. In fact, we’re predicting that clever storage solutions will be one of the biggest furniture trends in the coming months. After all, there’s no reason why storage needs to be an afterthought or unglamorous part of our homes, As modern life requires many of us to live in small but practical spaces, we all need places to put things.  Expect to see more open shelving and storage options built into all kinds of furniture from kitchen islands to bed frames.

Natural Materials

If there’s one thing the past few years have taught us, it’s that it’s so important that we bring some kind of connection to the outside world into our homes. For this reason, one of the biggest furniture trends to look forward to in 2024 is the rise of natural materials. Wooden and stone furniture will be big as homeowners look to create a calm environment to escape from the busy and modern world.

Multi-Functional Pieces

As we have mentioned, space within homes has become more and more limited over time and many of us simply don’t have the room to fit everything in unless we opt for multi-functional furniture solutions. For this reason, we’re expecting to see furniture that can be used in multiple ways to become especially popular in 2024. Think desks that double up as a sideboard or dog crates with an added chest of drawers.

How To Embrace 2024 Furniture Trends With The Pet Carpenter

If you’re keen to embrace the most exciting 2024 furniture trends in your home, why not create a totally bespoke item? The team at The Pet Carpenter are your go-to experts when it comes to creating unique furniture that takes into account the needs of your pets as well as your favourite fashions and trends. We can create bespoke pieces to match all tastes, with a huge range of features and style options to choose from that will help your home stay on trend next year. 

When designing furniture with The Pet Carpenter, you can:

  • Choose from our carefully selected range of Farrow & Ball paint colours or pick a bold colour of your own choice. 
  • Opt for your furniture to be made from sustainable materials, including worktops made from Paulownia which is a sustainable but aesthetically pleasing wood.
  • Integrate a huge range of functional and multi-use features into your design, including drawers, cupboards and pet-friendly feeding stations.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team today to get the ball rolling on your design ahead of or into the new year.

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