Can Two Dogs Share One Bed?

Can two dogs share bed?

If you’re thinking of adding in a second dog to your family, you may be thinking about all the things you’ll need to purchase ahead of their arrival. Of course, there are some things dogs are able to share, such as water bowls and toys but what about larger items like beds? With the cost of owning dogs varying so dramatically between households, it’s sometimes hard to tell what’s best for you and your dogs. In this post, we’re discussing whether or not two dogs can share one bed!

Disclaimer: Please note this is an opinion piece based on our own experiences of owning multiple dogs and observing their preferred sleeping practices and how they share their spaces. This article has not been written as or constitutes training advice. We do not recommend interpreting it as so. We recommend individuals seek training/behaviourist advice independently for themselves where necessary to ensure their dogs’ needs are met.

How Well Do the Dogs Know and Like Each Other?

Before assuming your dogs will tolerate sharing their bed, consider how well they know and genuinely like each other. The last thing you want is to stress or overwhelm your two dogs by encouraging them to share their sleeping space! Some dogs are more likely to co-sleep than others. For example, two puppies or an already bonded pair of rescue dogs may be more inclined to cosy up together compared to two adult dogs that have only just met.

Another factor is how much your dogs like each other. Even though they may have cohabited in your home for years, they may just prefer their own space and this needs to be respected. Every dog is different but all dogs deserve respect. Trying to force dogs to adhere to our human ‘ideals’ is not a responsible approach!

What Are They Using the Bed(s) For?

Dogs need quiet, safe spaces to relax and unwind in for a variety of reasons. Both during the day and at night. Of course, some dogs may prefer to use the same space (such as their bed) for multiple purposes. However others will prefer a wider variety and freedom of choice.

Deciding what the intended bed will be used for will help you figure out whether your dogs should share it. For example, a large soft cushion bed in your living room may be perfect for your dogs to share or take turns with during the day. However for two dogs that aren’t accustomed to or interested in co-sleeping, separate beds to sleep in at night may be the best option.

Provide Multiple Bed/Sleep Options in Your Home

It’s common in the UK for dogs to have multiple sleeping and relaxing options in their homes. This may be in the form of dog beds, cushions, crates and even sofas. Some families like having multiples of the same products scattered throughout the home. Whereas others will have different types of dog bed options for their pets. Both of these approaches are great, as they provide plenty of options for your dogs to choose from.

Consequently, your dogs may both prefer one bed option over another. They may even enjoy sharing one of the bed types together too. The important factor to consider is it being 100% the dogs’ choice. Rather than any one option being forced upon them.

What About Sharing Crates?

The general consensus is two dogs should not share a conventional metal dog crate. This is because they are rarely built large enough to house multiple dogs. This is especially true if you own two larger breeds. However, as you will have seen on our website and social media, here at The Pet Carpenter we’re able to cater to much larger furniture pieces. Subsequently, we can offer pet furniture fit for multiple dogs.

We offer a range of different features, including bespoke sizing and our removable divider, to help owners of multiple dogs. If you’re looking to place an order for a multi-pup piece of furniture, you’ll need to make sure you provide us with dimensions that take into consideration both dogs’ sizes and individual needs.

So, overall, it’s a bit of a grey area when it comes to two dogs sharing one bed. As always we advise owner discretion. After all, you know your pets best and of course have their best interests at heart!

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