Christmas Gift Ideas for Dogs and Dog Owners

With the festive season fast approaching, we’ve rounded up all our favourite Christmas gift ideas for dogs and dog owners. Spending on gifts for pets is expected to skyrocket this year, thanks in part to the increase in pet ownership in households across the UK. Our Christmas gift ideas for dogs and dog owners focuses on independent, local UK based businesses that The Pet Carpenter team love. We’ve made sure to include products that are aimed at both humans and hounds; we hope there’s something for everyone!

K9 Connectables Enrichment Toys

K9 Connectables are a Dublin based enrichment toy company. Although based just outside of the UK, we love how versatile the K9 Connectables toy range is. They’re the perfect multi-purpose pet product. Each piece is 3D printed and has specially designed features that enable the toys to interconnect. The various ridges also help your dog keep their teeth clean as they chew and the K9 Connectables treats are designed to fit perfectly in the bone-shaped holes. There are a range of sizes to suit all dogs, as well as their Gentle and Pro ranges, depending on how strongly your dog likes to chew!

Whether you prefer creating elaborate enrichment recipes at mealtimes or a game of fetch at the beach, the K9 Connectables range is for you. The majority of the toys are dishwasher safe and also float in water. The medium sized Puzzle Pack toys also fit into a ball launcher and their irregular shapes add an extra challenge for your pup during a game of fetch.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Dogs and Dog Owners | The Pet Carpenter

K9 Connectables Enrichment Toys | The Pet Carpenter

Circular and Co Reusable Coffee Cup

With storms already battering us here in Devon, it’s safe to say more cold winter dog walks are certainly on the horizon… Thankfully Circular and Co reusable coffee cups are sure to keep you cosy and warm, even on the most blustery of beach walks! Their products are made using recycled single use plastics and are designed to last the test of time. As well as coffee cups, they also create a range of water bottles, plant pots and other homewares.

Circular and Co. are passionate about promoting and providing a circular economy. Whereby you can return your products to them once they’ve reached the end of their life to be broken down and reused to create future products. They’re also passionate about reducing marine waste and educating the community about plastic pollution in the oceans.

Circular and co.

The Dandy Dog Company Pottery

Based in Dorset, The Dandy Dog Company creates beautiful products for dog owners. Their pottery is handcrafted in the UK by an artisan potter, complete with paw print detail for an elegant yet minimalist touch. All the pottery pieces are dishwasher safe and are available in a range of sizes, styles and colours.

The Dandy Dog Company also create delightful dog themed homeware and timeless products for owners. Their dog walking bags are stylish and practical, with three zip compartments to keep your valuables separate from your dog’s poo bags and treats.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Dogs and Dog Owners | The Pet Carpenter

The Dandy Dog Company Dog Walking Bag | The Pet Carpenter

Dartmoor Soap Company Dog Lover Gift Set

At The Pet Carpenter, we’re keen to reduce our reliance on single use plastics as much as possible. We all try our best to find more eco-friendly alternatives in our day to day lives. The Dartmoor Soap Company are based local to us here in Devon and create a wide variety of artisanal, handmade soaps and skincare products. They have a dedicated range of dog products too, including their Dog Lover Gift Set. They also have a range of subscription boxes for humans, including their soaps, candles and shampoos. All of their products are infused with essential oils and natural ingredients.

The Dartmoor Soap Company are dedicated to raising awareness about Dartmoor’s natural environment. The company is incredibly intentional and considerate when it comes to sustainability. They support a range of local businesses and supplies, ensure their staff receive the National Living Wage and even donate a percentage of their profits to the Dartmoor Pony Heritage Trust.

Dartmoor Soap Company

DogFit Canicross Starter Set

If you’re looking for a new activity or sport to enjoy with your dog, why not give Canicross a go? Running together is a great way to maintain and improve your fitness, while also discovering new locations and trails in your local area. DogFit have created a Canicross Starter Set, complete with pup harness, bungee long line lead and a step in harness for you. Having your dog run handsfree will help you focus on your running technique while ensuring your pup’s safety when out and about.

The Canicross set is also useful for owners who enjoy rural walking, especially in areas such as Dartmoor with plenty of livestock. Remember, at certain times of year National Parks require dogs to be walked on lead in order to protect ground nesting birds, as well as sheep during lambing season! DogFit also offer a range of coached sessions with their certified Canicross trainers, who are available UK wide. So if you know someone looking for more training advice and guidance, why not gift them a coached session?

DogFit UK Canicross Set | The Pet Carpenter

Mud Daddy Portable Pet Shower

If you struggle to keep your dog mud and fox poo free on winter walks, a Mud Daddy portable pet shower might be the solution! A self-powered, portable shower that fits snuggly in the boot of your car. They’re available in a range of colours and capacities with a unique design that minimises the chances of your dog knocking it over. Simply fill the bottle with water and store in your car. Not only are Mud Daddy products great for hosing down mucky pups, they’re also perfect for cleaning messy walking boots and waterproof over-trousers after your walk! They can be used year round too, especially if you and your dog enjoy water sports like paddle boarding – this product is great for washing down your salty SUP board!

Mud Daddy

Toby and Alexander Bamboo Drying Robes

Another solution to help you keep your car and home clean after walks, is to use a dog drying robe. These robes absorb moisture and help you dog dry faster without needing to chase them around with a towel! Toby and Alexander Dog Robes are a Cornwall based small business who have recently launched their Bamboo Drying Robe range. Bamboo is a much more sustainable fabric compared to cotton or microfibre. It’s a natural fibre and requires significantly less water to grow!

Toby and Alexander dog robes are easy to use, simply pop the robe over your dog’s head and tie a bow on their back with the straps. The Pet Carpenter team recommend keeping one in the back of your car to put on your pup after their walk. Your dog will be pretty much dry by the time you get home!

Christmas Gift Ideas for Dogs and Dog Owners | The Pet Carpenter

Toby and Alexander Dog Robes | The Pet Carpenter

The Pet Carpenter Raised Feeding Bowls

Of course, we couldn’t help but sneak in a product from The Pet Carpenter’s own range! Our Raised Feeding Bowls are available in three sizes and can be customised to your pet’s height. They also ensure your dog’s water and food remain in one place, reducing the chances of accidental spillages or food bowls going walkies while your dog is trying to eat from them!

Raised bowls are helpful for a wide range of pets and reduces the strain on your dog’s neck while they’re eating. They’re great for dogs with conditions such as Canine Arthritis, or for breeds such as Sighthounds or Great Danes that are taller and have longer necks.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Dogs and Dog Owners | The Pet Carpenter

What are you buying your pets for Christmas this year? Who are your favourite independent, UK businesses to support?

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