Doggy Advent Calendar Bucket List

As Christmas approaches it’s time to consider all those ‘must do’ festive activities. In this blog we thought we’d share a full ‘advent calendar’ style ‘bucket list’ to work through this festive season with your four legged friend!

  1. Get your pup their very own advent calendar to countdown to Christmas. Whether you’ve opted to fill your own advent calendar, or buy a pet friendly ready made calendar from your favourite pet shop, your pup will love any excuse for some extra treats!
  2. Decorate the tree together. While its unlikely your pet will be helping you hang baubles, if you’re opting for a real tree this year why not take them along to pick the perfect one? Or if you prefer an artificial tree why not let them be a part of the activity, settle them down with a treat or chew on their bed, pop on the music and let them enjoy some time with their family as you put up the decorations!
  3. Take some cute photos of your pup in front of the Christmas tree. Its a Christmas tradition for a lot of families, so why not get your pup involved? Whether it’s for their very own Instagram page or just to share with friends on Facebook, festive pup pictures always cheer everyone up.
  4. Make your own Christmas cards. A perfect way to use those cute photos of your pup in front of the Christmas tree, or get extra creative and do some special festive coloured paw print cards to give to friends and family this year!
  5. Take a warm flask out on a winter walk. Hot Chocolate, Coffee or a perfectly brewed tea, nothing tastes as good as a warm drink on a cold walk! If you’re feeling extra festive why not take yourself a mince pie to snack on too, just make sure Fido doesn’t get a chance to taste your treat as mince pies are poisonous to our four legged friends.
  6. Teach your pup a new trick. A lot of us will spend more time at home around Christmas, whether that’s due to having some time off work for the holidays or just due to poor weather restricting your plans. Teaching your pup a new trick is something fun for you and your pup. Why not get creative and pick a new trick with a festive twist?
  7. Make a paw-print Christmas decoration with your pup. You’ve decorate your tree but there’s definitely something missing! A special decoration of course! Whether you’re using air dry clay or salt dough, your pups paws are the perfect way to add a personal touch to your tree, just be sure to wipe their paws thoroughly before and after.
  8. Take an evening walk around your neighbourhood to find the best Christmas lights. For some households Christmas lights are quite a competition, when heading out on an evening walk why not take a peak down neighbouring streets to see if you can find the best Christmas light display!
  9. Have a splash in the sea to make the most of the out of season beaches. Based in Devon we’re lucky to be surrounded by beaches but they’re not always available to us all year round, some Beaches can only be used out of the busy summer season. So pack a bag, grab your pup and head for a splash at the beach! Just don’t forget those towels.
  10. Make a donation of some goodies to a local pet charity. Christmas is known for being a time of giving and while it’s important to remember presents for friends and family it can also be a chance to give gifts to pups that may not have a home! Lots of shelters will run special appeals at Christmas time to help ensure every pup gets a special gift and treat at Christmas.
  11. Make a snuffle box out of all those online delivery boxes. You may be getting a few extra visits from the postman through December as you hurry through your list of gifts to buy, so why not save those boxes and packing material for your pup to enjoy! Lots of dogs love to shred and sniff through boxes and it can be the perfect way to serve up dinner to your pet!This activity should be supervised and if your pet likes to eat their way through the cardboard it may be best to play an alternative game!
  12. Visit a local Christmas light display. You’ve checked out the neighbourhood, why not take it one step further and visit a bigger display! Lots of town, village and city centres will have large light displays outdoors for you and your pup to enjoy!
  13. Head for a woodland walk and see how many “Christmas Tree’s” you can spot. We love any excuse to head to the woods, but why not see if you can spot any Fir tree’s in your local woodlands? This is a great game for smaller two legged companions while out walking the four legged friend!
  14. Cook some tasty dog treats. Everyone know things taste better when they’re home made! So homemade dog treats are the perfect snack for your pets, why not even gift them to some four legged friends?
  15. Visit some friends or family. It’s what Christmas is all about, being around those you love! So why not visit some friends and family, or meet up for a walk so your pup can enjoy meeting their four legged friends too!
  16. Have a go at making a Christmas Enrichment Toy
. If you’ve followed EnrichingPaws on instagram you’ll know that every holiday and season is the perfect excuse for some creative enrichment, so why not try making a snowman on a lickimat out of yogurt, or make a festive kong filling for your pooch, if you’re looking for inspiration head to their instagram feed – @EnrichingPaws
  17. Watch a Christmas movie together. While we love to be out adventuring, we also love to snuggle down at home too! So why not pick out your favourite Christmas film, grab some blankets, some tasty snacks and a drink too, so you can enjoy a Christmas movie together!
  18. Hang up a stocking for Santa Paws. Everyone needs a stocking, how else will Santa deliver your presents?! You could take this activity one step further by making your very own Christmas stocking! Why not try a paw or bone shape so your pup knows it’s just for them!
  19. Take your dog to the pet shop and pick out a new toy or treat. Everyone loves a gift but it’s even better when it’s something you want! Take your pup to the pet shop and let them pick out a gift they’d love this year!
  20. Wrap Christmas presents together.This is the perfect opportunity to work on boundary/place training which is a great part of training fundamentals for all pups!
  21. Hide treats around your house and let your pet sniff them out! A fun game of hide and seek but with food? What could be better?! Your pup is sure to love this game, use treats or if you’re watching those extra calories why not try hiding your pets normal kibble in small bowls or toys like kong around the house!
  22. Visit an outdoor Christmas market. Lots of Christmas Markets are held outdoors which has the benefit of being pet friendly! It’s a great chance to let your pup explore some new sights and smells, maybe even get some tasty treats.
  23. Give your a pup a Christmas pamper, grab that doggy shampoo and get spruced up for Christmas. Some pups may prefer to skip this one but whether you’re visiting family or just spending Christmas at home it’s a great excuse to give your pet a little spruce up with a little wash or get that fur trimmed to perfection!
  24. Plan a Big Boxing Day Walk. One of the things we love most about bank holidays is an extra day for walkies! Make sure you get planning so you can pick the perfect spot for your walk this year.
  25. Let your pet help you open presents. Maybe one to save for Christmas Day but don’t forget to let your pets in on that unwrapping game! They’re sure to love the shredding paper and sniffing out all the new goodies!

Will you be trying any of the ideas from our ‘Doggy Advent Calendar Bucket List’? If you do, don’t forget to tag us in your adventures and share your pictures on our social platforms, we’d love to see what you are your pup are getting up to this holiday season!


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