Inspiration from clients dog crate furniture designs

When considering how to create the perfect piece of pet furniture it is helpful to take inspiration from clients dog crate furniture designs. We are proud to be able to deliver to the bespoke requests of our clients and it is important that is is perfect. Dog crate furniture designs will vary in size, colour, materials and finish and each client designs a piece that is uniquely theirs. That said it can be really helpful wen looking to design your own piece to take inspiration from previous clients dog crate furniture designs and here we show some recent bedroom creations.

Single Dog Crate Furniture Design

Single Dog Crate Furniture Design Brief

Our client wanted a cosy dog crate furniture design for their pup that would also double as a functional piece of furniture for the home. The Samson Bedroom style is a perfect option as it provides two drawers and worktop functionality above the bedroom space. To ensure the cosiness of this space or client opted for full panels on the ends of the bedroom with plenty of ventilation coming via the hinged door and bars at the front.


Our customer provided us with dimensions of their dogs current crate space. They when happy to increase the height of the piece to accommodate drawers above the bedroom. We work closely with clients to ensure the size of the bedroom is suitable for your pet and space.

Height: 900mm     Width: 1200mm     Depth: 700mm


This piece is finished in one of our popular in house chosen colours, Ammonite by Farrow and Ball. The worktop sets this piece of finished in a smart wood wax.

Ironmongery and Finishings

Our client opted for silver ironmongery to complement their chosen paint colour. They opted for clean cut bar handles for the drawers.

Design your own Samson Bedroom style from £985


Double Dog Crate Furniture Design

Double Dog Crate Furniture Design Brief

Eric and Ernie’s owners got in touch and were keen to create their own double dog crate furniture design. We advised they look at our popular Skye Bedroom style which is made to accommodate two or more dogs. This piece of furniture needed to provide Jackapoos, Eric and Ernie, a cosy safe space, as well as being a statement piece that matched the style of our clients home.


Our customer provided us with dimensions to suit their dog and their space available. They also opted for a removable bar divide to give Eric and Ernie separate bedroom spaces and yet with the option to remove it if they want to cosy up.

Height: 830mm     Width: 1840mm     Depth: 620mm

Colour & Materials

Our clients wanted a hard wearing worktop and so opted for an Oak wood worktop. The colour of this piece is Studio Green by Farrow and Ball.

Ironmongery and Finishings

To complete this stylish piece we finished it in silver fixtures and fittings. The silver cup handles bringing exceptional style to the piece.

Design your own Skye Bedroom style from £1115


Double Corner Dog Crate Furniture Design

Corner Dog Crate Furniture Design Brief

Our client enquired about a corner dog crate furniture design and asked if it could be made to suit their two Pugs, Evie and Maddie. This piece of furniture needed to be a feature in their living room with a shelf space and worktop above to accommodate TV media display and unit. We worked with our client to ensure the dogs bedroom areas gave enough space for them to be comfortable. This space also allowed for the inclusion of the removable divide. The addition of the shelf above made the unit very large and could have presented an issue in access to the home. We therefore carefully adapted the building of this piece so that the shelving unit and worktop could be separated from the bedrooms allowing delivery in two parts.


Our customer provided us with dimensions for the space available. We worked closely with them to ensure the best size bedroom space for their pups and overcame access concerns through doorways into the home by building this piece in two parts.

Height: 900mm     Width: 920mm     Depth: 920mm


Our clients choose the colour Parma Gray – no. 27 by Farrow and Ball to match their home interiors. This perfectly showed off the waxed wood worktop above the bedroom.

Ironmongery and Finishings

To complement their chosen colours, black hinges, bars and latched were chosen to finish this piece off.

Design your own Corner Bedroom style from £779.


Triple Dog Crate Furniture Design

Triple Dog Crate Furniture Design Brief

Our clients are lucky enough to have a menagerie of Cocker Spaniels, Lola and her friends, and were seeking a dog crate furniture design for multiple dogs. It was important for their furniture to provide entirely separate cosy spaces for each dog and for the style to match their brand new fitted kitchen. We advised that they looked at a variation of our Tucker Bedroom style.


Our customer provided us with dimensions of the space they had available and were were able to accommodate three spacious dog bedroom areas within the piece separated by fixed panels. This is a large piece and we confirmed with our clients that access to the home was not an issue prior to confirming the final design.

Height: 800mm     Width: 2300mm     Depth: 550mm


In order to match their kitchen the colour Pitch Black by Farrow and Ball was used to paint the frame. The worktop was finished in a white wood dye.

Ironmongery and Finishings

To complete this sleek smart dog crate furniture design our client opted for black fixtures and fittings. This made for an incredibly clean and modern piece that entirely fitted with the style of their new kitchen.

Design your own Tucker Bedroom style from £895.

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