Our Handy Dog Crate Guide

Considering crate training but not sure what you’ll need?  With so many different types of dog crate available, it can be confusing to know where and how to begin! Thankfully we’ve compiled this dog crate guide to help you get started on your crate training journey.

How to Find the Right Dog Crate

There are plenty of reasons why families decide to use a dog crate. Popular reasons include toilet training a new puppy or settling a nervous dog in a new environment. Crate training also prepares dogs for any unexpected overnight stays at the vets, as well as making dog friendly travel in general easier. Here at The Pet Carpenter, we focus on creating pet bedrooms that act as safe spaces for your pet to relax in throughout the day and during the night. We create furniture that provides a practical, relaxing den-like space for dogs, while also fitting in effortlessly with your interiors.

Important Note: A dog crate should never be used as a form of punishment, nor should dogs be left in a crate unsupervised for long periods of time.

We recommend ensuring that crate training is the right fit for both your dog and your home lifestyle before investing in our furniture. The Pet Carpenter bedrooms typically take around 8 weeks to craft and ship to you.  It’s also important to remember that not all dogs take to crate training. If you’re welcoming a new pup into your family (whatever their age!) more portable, metal training crates are a good place to start. Once crate training has proven to be a good fit for you both and is something you’re looking to incorporate into your home long term, then it’s time to look into The Pet Carpenter’s bespoke bedrooms!

The Pet Carpenter Size Guide

It’s important to make sure you dog has ample room. They should be able to stand, sit, lie down and turn around comfortably inside. We recommend choosing a size large enough for your pup when they are fully grown. Not only does this reduce the risk of your four legged friend outgrowing their pet bedroom, it also means you don’t have to repurchase larger sizes later down the line. The Pet Carpenter’s Standard Bedrooms are available in the following sizes:

  • Medium = External W88 x D60 x H90cm (Internal measures W 76 x D 51)
  • Large = External W102 x D67 x H90cm (Internal measures W90 x D58)
  • X Large = External W118 x D79 x H90cm (Internal measures W106 x D70)

We also create a range of bespoke bedrooms, which are fully customisable and can be tailored to your unique dimensions. If you have any questions about our recommended sizes for your pup, please email the team at [email protected].

What to put Inside Your Dog Crate

If you’re crate training your dog for the first time, it’s important to make their crate as comforting and relaxing as possible. Putting a soft bed or mattress inside, along with a couple of your dog’s favourite toys will help them associate the space with feeling safe and secure. You can also cover the crate with a towel, blanket or bespoke crate cover. This limits outside distractions and makes the inside feel as private and cosy as possible.

If you plan to feed your dog their meals in the crate, they’ll need their food and water bowls inside too. Our Luna Bedroom or Huxley Bedroom incorporates our one of a kind feeding station right into your furniture.  Or you can purchase a slightly larger crate so there’s enough room for your dog’s bed and bowls to fit. Remember dogs of all ages need free access to fresh clean water.

How to Introduce Your Dog to Their Crate

Even though your dog is crate trained, it might take them a while to get used to their new bedroom. Just like when you first introduced their metal crate to them, it’s important to ensure it’s on your dog’s terms. Once your furniture arrives, we recommend transferring your dog’s bed into their new bedroom so they can start to associate it as a new safe space. Of course, you may be looking at getting a new soft bed for your pup’s bedroom eventually. However, it’s important to transition them slowly at your dog’s pace.

We hope our handy dog crate guide has helped you on your crate training journey. If you have any questions about The Pet Carpenter’s furniture, including our recommended size guide, please contact us at [email protected].

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