How Much Space Does A Rabbit Need?

Grey rabbit on a grey sofa

Creating bespoke pet furniture can bring many benefits, including a tailored size and fit that guarantees that your pet really feels at home. Even the smallest household pets thrive in a customised and comfortable space, which is why we are delighted to be able to offer bespoke rabbit homes and hutches!

There are all kinds of features to factor in if you are about to kick off the process of designing the perfect indoor rabbit home, but before you get into the really fun bit, don’t forget to size things up first. With guidelines to follow and the uniqueness of your pet and your home to consider, getting sizing right is key to creating a truly functional piece of furniture. 

To help you understand how much space your rabbit needs in its new home, we have created this handy guide that covers everything from safety standards to sizing tips.

Rabbit Space Requirements

According to the Rabbit Welfare Association and Fund (RWAF), rabbits should typically be kept in pairs (to prevent loneliness) with at least 3m x 2m of enclosed space available between them. This space should be provided in one single block to allow your rabbits to roam freely and should be a minimum of 1m high to offer plenty of room for all of the running and hopping your furry friend might get up to!

While this required space can also incorporate the rabbit’s living quarters, it is recommended that your pet is provided with an additional area for rest. In many standard rabbit hutches, an additional level or separate compartment is added to offer separation between the living space and sleeping space. Adding an additional level to your bespoke rabbit home can be a great way to maximise the space you have available, but do note that the RWAF states that any extra floors or areas closed off by doors do not count towards the 3m x 2m minimum guidelines. 

Remember that these guidelines are the very minimum when it comes to how much space a rabbit needs. If you have more space available or are happy to have a bigger rabbit home, it is advisable to do so. Not only will more space offer more opportunities for your rabbit to play, but it also maximises the potential you can unlock when creating bespoke pet furniture.  With this in mind, there are two key considerations to make when deciding how much space to go with for your rabbit(s): their size, and the size of the space you have available.

Consider The Size Of Your Rabbit

The larger your rabbit is, the more space you will want to offer it. More space is more room to play, sleep and eat, so even if you are the owner of a smaller breed there is no harm in spoiling your furry friend with a space with a height greater than the recommended 1m. 

As a rabbit’s living space will always be much bigger than its size when measured, there’s no need to sit down with a tape measure or set of scales and build a cm-by-cm profile of your pet. Instead, just have a good think about how much your rabbit likes to move around and how big it could grow. Our expert team will then discuss this with you as we kick off the design process and can use their expertise combined with your knowledge of your pet to perfect the perfect dimensions for your furniture.

male hands holding a black and white lop eared rabbit

Consider Your Room Or Space

Before you get carried away dreaming up the largest rabbit home possible, do check that your plans and designs can fit into your home! You don’t want to run the risk of designing something that is too large, particularly if you are hoping to place your new rabbit home in an alcove or a corner. Think about where you intend to place your rabbit home and take appropriate height, width and depth measurements. These can then be shared with our team during the design phase so that we can conjure up a piece of furniture that places perfectly.

House Rabbit Sideboard

Once you’ve had a good think about all of these important considerations, you’re well on your way to designing the ultimate piece of handmade furniture for your rabbit. Simply give us a call to discuss your requirements or kick off the design process with our online system to have your vision put into reality.

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