How Soft Furnishings Can Enhance Your Custom Pet Furniture

custom pet furniture with soft furnishings including curtains and cushions

The beauty of creating custom pet furniture is that it can be totally tailored to your needs and home. The bedroom area can be sized exactly to the space available, clever feeding drawers can be added for convenience, and the piece can be finished in a colour of your choosing. However, these practical features make up only half of the way that you can customise your pet furniture. We haven’t even mentioned the features your pet will love like their bed and other soft furnishings!

The right soft furnishings add an additional dimension to your dog’s new bedroom, transforming it from a crate that could be found in any house to a space they can really call their home. We’ll encourage you to consider a range of soft furnishings as you move through the design process and have created this handy guide so you know exactly what you can choose from and why these features are important.

Why Are Soft Furnishings Important In Your Pet’s Space?

Before you dive into picking special soft furnishings to add to your design, it’s worth remembering exactly why these subtle touches are so important in the first place. This awareness will guide your choices and help you prioritise different items that your pet will benefit most from.

One of the main advantages of adding different touches to your custom pet furniture is of course comfort. Soft items make the space more comfortable and cosy which in turn will make your pet feel happier and more confident about spending time in their bedroom as you navigate the challenges of crate training. Similarly, if they are already used to spending time in an old crate then having the same or similar soft furnishings can make this transition more familiar for them. 

Soft furnishings are also key in giving your pet an all-important sense of privacy. The ability to hide behind a curtain or sink into a bed or blanket makes it much easier for your pet to relax, thus making them a healthier, happier and calmer pet even when out of the crate and spending quality time with you. Ultimately, bespoke pet furniture is a big investment and therefore you will want to ensure that the time your pet spends in it reaps rewards both in and out of the home. Soft and personal items play a vital role in this!

What To Add To Your Pet’s Bedroom

Sold on the practical benefits of soft furnishings? So are we! That’s why The Pet Carpenter has thought long and hard about the options you have when designing your future and is proud to offer a range of high-quality options in conjunction with our award-winning partner, The Artisan Dog Company

All of these soft furnishings are made with removable, washable and pet-friendly fabrics to guarantee your pet can enjoy a clean and hygienic environment.


Curtains are one of the most popular features added to our bespoke pet bedrooms, and it’s easy to see why. The range of fabrics available through The Artisan Dog Company look fantastic and can be tailored to your own taste and decor, whether you’re keen on an eye-catching print or a classic pattern. Plus, our curtains can be cleverly fitted to the front of the piece of furniture and then rolled up during the day or to safely regulate the amount of light and temperature within the living space.

an example of bespoke pet furniture with custom curtains


No dog bed is complete without comfy cushions for your pooch to lounge around on! We offer a range of styles of cushion that can be chosen to match or contrast your curtains and accessories, ensuring the final creation looks as good as it feels. We can create a personalised dog cushion that perfectly fits the space available and are always happy to work alongside your dog’s existing favourites to make sure the space is exactly how they like it.

small custom pet furniture with cushion


Many owners also like to add a separate blanket to their bespoke pet furniture, either instead of or on top of the cushions. This can be a great way to add an item that your dog is already comfortable with to their new space, so there’s no pressure from us if you’d rather not have something brand new made!

custom pet furniture with blanket

Some Inspiration!

While you might have a complete vision of exactly how you want your pet furniture to look, it can also be helpful to see how the different soft furnishings might come together in a finished piece. We’ve incorporated soft furnishings into a wide range of the pieces featured over in our gallery, and you can also check out the video linked below that features one of our favourite designs alongside a removable roll-down blind and bespoke soft pillow cushion.

If you’re feeling inspired by the idea of creating custom pet furniture, start your design online today. Feel free to upload any images of designs you already like the look of or other inspiration you have and don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have other ideas about how you’d like to incorporate soft furnishings into your personalised design. We’re always happy to work with you to bring your vision to life!

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