How to hide a metal dog crate in your home?

Metal dog crates are hardly the most aesthetically pleasing piece of furniture in your home. The benefits of crate training are often underestimated and their menacing cage-like appearance only adds to the misinterpretation.

If you’ve decided crate training is here to stay but are disappointed by the limited variety when it comes to metal dog crates you’re in luck. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways you can subtly hide a metal dog crate in your home.

Position it Discreetly 

Dogs often enjoy having their own safe space to retreat to when they’re feeling overwhelmed. It’s a good idea to hide a metal dog crate in discrete areas of your home. This could be a quiet corner of your living room or an alcove in your home office. Keeping your metal dog crate out of sight, particularly from busy footfall areas of your home like hallways and landings, will make your crate blend more subtly into your home without drawing attention.

Integrate it with Existing Furniture

Another idea is to purposefully integrate your metal crate into your existing furniture. For instance, you can store it under your desk, inside an unused built-in wardrobe (so long as you keep the doors open for access of course!) or even underneath a kitchen unit.

Integrating your metal dog crate into existing areas of your home not only helps it blend in aesthetically, it will also free up precious floor space and prevent you from using the top of the crate as somewhere to store miscellaneous items like the pile of clean laundry before it’s put away!

Cover it with a Blanket

Using a cover such as a towel or blanket is a great way to hide a dog crate in your home. It reduces the imposing appearance of the metal bars, making it look more like a piece of functional furniture. There are benefits for your dog too, as it makes their crate cosier and gives them their own safe space and privacy when they need it.

Consider Upgrading Your Crate

Metal crates are rarely built to last and will likely need replacing every few years due to rust and general wear and tear. If you plan to have dogs long term and have experienced the benefits of crate training for yourself, it might be worth considering investing in something a little more sturdy that can stand the test of time.

The Pet Carpenter creates a wide range of durable wooden dog crates with tonnes of additional features including dedicated storage for dog items and integrated feeding stations. Pieces are fully customisable to ensure they fit within your home. Alternatively, you could also invest in a crate topper, which is a wooden table top that slots over your existing crate. This will prevent the metal bars bowing while enabling you to store more substantial items on top of your metal dog crate.

How would you hide a metal dog crate in your home? For pet furniture inspiration, check out our gallery and follow us on Instagram.

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