How To Measure A Dog For New Pet Furniture

Bespoke dog furniture helps you transform the look and feel of your home while enhancing rather than jeopardising your pet’s comfort.

Our simple guide to measuring your dog

Bespoke dog furniture helps you transform the look and feel of your home while enhancing rather than jeopardising your pet’s comfort. However, to access these benefits, you’ll need to overcome the challenge of accurately measuring your dog. Just as you’d take dog chest measurements when buying a new collar or harness, bespoke pet furniture requires the right measurements to help us tailor the size and fit of the living space to your dog. Worry not, simply grab a tape measure and follow these quick and simple steps to begin the process of designing your pet’s dream home with The Pet Carpenter.

Step 1 - Find The Right Space

It’s important that your dog stays as still as possible so that you can record accurate measurements. Most dogs will have little experience of being measured, so wriggling and resisting is to be expected. However, the process will go a lot more smoothly if you choose the right time and place to measure your pooch.

When your dog is feeling calm and relaxed, go to a room or area of the house where your dog is most comfortable. It will need to be big enough for your dog to be standing up in a natural shape and therefore you should avoid measuring your dog while it’s lying down in its bed.

Step 2 - Measure Your Dog’s Height

Once your dog is in the right place, it’s time to measure its height. This will give us an indication of just how tall the bed area of your pet furniture needs to be with allowances made to ensure that your dog is comfortable both sitting and when moving in and out of their space. We suggest standing your dog next to a wall with its legs evenly spaced out as this gives you a flat surface that you can use as a marker to measure from.  

The most important measurement you will need to provide is from the floor/bottom of the front legs to the tip of your dog’s shoulder blades. This gives us enough information about your dog’s height without you having to worry about its head wriggling about or not quite being in the right position. You can use the tape measure directly next to your dog, or mark the top point against the wall with a pencil or your finger and measure this way.

Step 3 - Measure Your Dog’s Length

Next, you’ll need to measure the length of your dog. This can be a little more challenging as it’s harder to use the wall as an aid when you are not recording from floor level upwards.

Ask somebody else to help you by holding your dog still and then take a measurement from the base of the tail to the tip of the dog’s nose.

Step 4 - Consider Movement

Most dogs will curl, wriggle and crawl when in their bed so you should be somewhat flexible with your measurements. As long as your room is big enough, it’s generally better to have furniture that is too big than too small and we recommend going for a space that is a little larger than the recorded height and length to keep your pooch comfortable. 

Don’t forget that your dog’s ears may get in the way when they move about too! If your pet has long or pointy ears they will likely need a bit of extra space to stay comfortable and cosy without being cramped.

Step 5 - Factor In Growth

If your dog is still growing, don’t forget to tell us! Young dogs can quickly outgrow their beds and crates and we’d hate to create furniture that will fail to stand the test of time.

Similarly, older and less active dogs may prefer to lounge or spread out in bigger spaces, so it’s important that you record your dog’s age even if this doesn’t count as a typical ‘measurement’.

Other Things To Consider

As the owner, you know your dog best. Measurements provide a vital starting point for us here at The Pet Carpenter, but it’s also important that you think about how your dog behaves, what it likes and how it sleeps. By providing us with these natural anecdotes about your pet’s behaviour, we can create a truly custom piece of furniture that prioritises your pet’s comfort as much as it looks fantastic. 

The height and length of your dog will initially give us with enough information, but the friendly Pet Carpenter team may be in touch should we require any additional measurements. If this is the case, we can talk you through the best way to take and record these. Should you have any questions yourself, make sure you consult our size guide or simply get in touch with the team who are always happy to guide you through the process of measuring your dog for new pet furniture.

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