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We appreciate how hard it can be to make decisions on how to design your furniture without seeing or feeling our work physically and that’s why we have launched The Pet Carpenter on YouTube. We have often found our quick videos of pet furniture features and longer pet furniture tour videos help our clients understand and see the quality of our work in more detail. Here we explain how you can make the most our of The Pet Carpenter on Your Tube.

Pet bedroom tours playlist


The pet bedroom tours playlist offers your the opportunity to guided through all our pet bedrooms in video form and understand the different features and functions that can be added for you and your pet. Over time this playlist will likely get quite large so we are also developing smaller playlists that focus on specific features and help you navigate The Pet Carpenter on YouTube more easily.

Designing based on size of pets

When it comes to size this can make for including very different features into our pet furniture. We have therefore developed a furniture for small pets playlist for all small furry companions including small breed dogs, rabbits, cats, guineapigs and so on. We also know how many clients with bigger dogs worry about possibly either have to compromise on design or not build with us due to access to their home. This is is not an issue for our experienced design team and you can now see just some of their solutions to this design challenge of creating a large piece of furniture which can still be transported into the home.

Designs for different types of pet

Whilst most of our pet clients are dogs we do work with other types of pets including rabbits, cats, tortoises, guineapigs and so on. As we only recently launched The Pet Carpenter on YouTube there are less video features on these designs however we will continue to add them as and when we do. Currently available is our furniture for house rabbits playlist.

Pet furniture for two or more dogs

We all want more dogs and so why should multiple dogs be a compromise to the style you want in your home? We love building for multiple pets and our signature Skye Bedroom style can now be viewed in many client variations on “more than one dog” bedroom tours playlist.

Be inspired by The Pet Carpenter on YouTube

At The Pet Carpenter we are most excited about helping you bring your ideas to life that bring the best for you and your pet. Videos will certainly help you to be inspired by The Pet Carpenter on YouTube. We have created a playing with colour YouTube playlist to help you visualise pieces in different colours from our in house chosen Farrow and Ball range.

We have also introduced a ‘how to design’ with The Pet Carpenter YouTube playlist which will be added to overtime. This area is intended to help guide you on features, finishes, how to work through the design process, how to work with us and so on. If you have a question feel free to ask and we may be able to give you a guided video response in our ‘how to’ section.

We hope this article has been helpful and to make sure you always see the latest videos be sure to subscribe to our channel.

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