What colour to finish your pet furniture / 6 top tips

6 top tips to colour and finish

When it comes to deciding what colour to finish your pet furniture in it can be a difficult decision. In this article we are going to explore a number of way in which you can approach choosing a colour for your bespoke piece of pet furniture.

Choose one of our popular on trend colours of the year

We love keeping up with on trend and timeless looks and hence we have a range of popular paints available for our clients. We work with Farrow and Ball paint scheme and you will see our popular pet furniture styles are often finished in our in house chosen colour scheme. These include:

  • Ammonite – Off white;
  • Lamp Room – Mid Grey;
  • and Moles Breath – Dark Grey.

The benefit of using any of these colours is that as they are tonal shades they will often match with much else that you have going your home. Whether you have coloured walls, different textures or material features you can be confident with a tonal colour choice.

Match your colour to existing home interiors

We love offering an entirely bespoke service and so another option is to match your colour to existing home interiors. We have many clients who spend a great deal of time planning colour schemes for their homes and so a colour match service is something we are pleased to offer. This allows for you to bring your new piece of pet furniture seamlessly into your homes style.

Go bold with colour

You don’t have to play it safe, if your pets furniture is a statement piece for your home, why not go bold with colour? Our clients who choose the boldest colours always end up with a piece of furniture that pops in the home. And being entirely truthful when in the decorating stage our team have often curious about a colour choice! However we can honestly say, hand on heart, that every boldly chosen colour has looked incredible once finished and sitting in pretty in place.

Mix up the materials

Sometimes finish isn’t all about paint colour and there is the option to mix up the materials instead. Many clients opt to upgrade to an oak worktop, especially for use in heavy traffic areas of the home. Some clients also have preference to wood effect finishes which are made possible by using different stains.

Styling a whole room?

When redecorating a room in your home you need to think about the entire finish, not just the pet furniture. If you enjoy being creative you could try creating a mood board. Alternatively there are plenty of digital apps like Pinterest or Instagram for help with design inspiration. It could also be helpful to visit your local DIY store and pick up paint colour cards and testers to check how the lighting and colours work for your space. Farrow and Ball share great insight into how light effects colour and how to consider this when designing your own space.

Work closely with our team

We encourage all our clients to do is to work closely with our team throughout the design process. With plenty of years working in home rennovations we are highly experienced in helping clients to navigate all parts of the design process, including more tricky decisions. We will offer good options or solutions to help you through your design decisions. If colour and finish is a particularly tricky part we can provide samples to help decisions.

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