What Kind of Dog Crate is Best?

Some owners believe crate training is cruel and while at The Pet Carpenter we certainly cannot condone leaving any dog shut in a crate unattended for lengthy periods of time, we do recognise the many benefits of crate training.

With so many choices on the market, it can be tricky to figure out what kind of dog crate is best for you. We’ve outlined some of the popular options for you and explored both their advantages and disadvantages to each crate style.

Metal Dog Crate

Metal dog crates are a popular choice for owners while toilet training their new dogs. Metal crates are also a great training tool for all members of the family to understand the importance of your dog’s personal boundaries. When your dog is in their crate resting children and visitors alike can learn not to disturb them, especially when they’re asleep.

Metal crates are convenient and fairly inexpensive. However they are quite bulky with a cage-like appearance, which is not to everyone’s taste. While it’s possible to cover your crate to make it look more discreet if you’re looking for a crate to use long term, you may consider investing in something that looks more aesthetically pleasing in your home.

Travel Dog Crate

Travel crates are typically made from mesh or fabric. They’re similar to travel cots used for children and are designed to be easy to use while travelling. If you bring your dog on holiday with you regularly, a travel crate is a great investment.

Travel crates are lightweight and easy to transport – many of them fold down so they’re easier to pack. Consequently they aren’t the strongest kind of dog crate available. They’re not suitable for use in cars or as your dog’s bedroom day to day. However if you’re looking for a dog crate to use while staying in a hotel or visiting friends and family, they’re by far the most convenient choice.

Car Dog Crate

In the UK, under the highway code, it’s a requirement that dogs are adequately restrained so they cannot distract you while driving or cause injury to themselves or you in the event of sudden braking. Failure to do so may result in prosecution of driving without due care and attention, leading to a hefty fine of up to £5,000 and even points on your license. Keeping your dogs suitably restrained in the car is also important for their safety in the event of a crash. It’s common for dogs to try and bolt out of fear, which can result in even worse outcomes, particularly on busy roads.

Thankfully, dog crates have been designed specifically for vehicles, with altered structures to account for awkward car boots and roof shapes. When purchasing a crate for your car, you’ll likely need to find one specifically for your make and model. You can also find companies that will build bespoke crates for you if your vehicle falls outside the dimensions of standardised car crates on the market.

Wooden Dog Crate

Sometimes owners purchase dog crates thinking they’ll be a short term feature in their home, only for their dogs to decide otherwise! If you find yourself in this situation, with a dog that’s reluctant to give up their cheap metal crate, you may want to consider upgrading for the long run. Wooden dog crates are far more durable than their metal counterparts, providing a much more reliable counter space for you to display plants and other decorative items. They’re also far more aesthetically pleasing and can be quite the talking point in your home.

The Pet Carpenter creates a wide range of pet bedrooms, designed for dogs that are crate trained. Each piece of furniture can be customised with additional storage and can be colour matched to your existing interiors to ensure the perfect fit within your home. Crafted from wood, The Pet Carpenter’s furniture is far more durable than standard metal dog crates and adjustments can be made to all of our designs to prevent chewing.

Bespoke Dog Crate

At The Pet Carpenter, we love hearing your wild and wacky pet furniture ideas. If you’re looking for a piece of furniture perfectly tailored to you and your dog, we recommend getting in touch to discuss a bespoke crate that fits your needs. We’ve worked on all sorts of bespoke furniture projects in the past, from bedrooms that fit perfectly in the awkward nook under your stairs, to dog crates with wine racks for the kitchen or bedrooms that double as elaborate television units. For more information about our bespoke furniture, please either complete the bespoke builder form or contact our team to discuss.

What’s your favourite kind of dog crate? Is there a particular style your dog prefers?

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