Celebrate success for you and your business

Given the challenges that life can throw at you it is crucial to celebrate success for you and your business.  The importance of celebrating success was reinforced again last week by a connection at a network.

Goals and success

As individuals and in our business we set goals. These goals to help drive us forward and to progress. However human nature dictates that as we near a goal we often look beyond the goal to what’s next. Hence we often reach our initial goal with little celebration and instead frustration that we aren’t at the next goal yet. W e therefore create a perpetual existence of dissatisfaction for ourselves and our business. This is not the place where you want to be.

Making the journey towards a goal joyful / visualisation

During the networking meeting last week our colleague was able to undertake a powerful visualisation shared by speaker, Bella Luna. We recommend any small business owner or indeed any individual to do this in respect of the goals they have created for themselves.

This visualisation can be done whilst sitting or standing. If you are standing you may want to actually physically turn through the motions of the clock. You will often achieve best results with your eyes closed.

  1. Imagine you are standing in the centre of a clock looking towards 12 o’ clock and think of a goal you have set yourself and are currently working towards.
  2. Turn 90 degrees to your right to face 3 o’ clock. Look ahead and imagine you have achieved your goal. How does it make you feel? What do you notice? Have you set more goals beyond it already? Take time
  3. Turn back to 12 o’clock keeping hold of the feelings achieving your goal created.
  4. Now turn left another 90 degrees to 9 o’clock. Now look back to when you started when you set you goal. What do you recognise? How far have you already come? What was that journey like? How does this make you feel today?

When you open your eyes and reflect on this experience you will understand how the journey towards a goal can be joyful. You can celebrate along the way and you can reward yourself for success. And importantly no matter how many goals you set, each and every time you meet one despite how many more are ahead, make sure you celebrate each individual one.

Celebrating goals at The Pet Carpenter

So we took a moment to celebrate the achievement of a number of goals we achieved this past year. Yes we do still have many more goals in our journey ahead. However celebrating our teams incredible work and effort only acts to propel us forward even more.

  1. One year after the catastrophic fire that took our workshop and we successfully relaunched in new premises and now have 6 months of trading complete. This does not go without endless gratitude to family, friends and our community who supported us during this time.
  2. We are proud to employ young people within our team to help them build a variety of transferable skills. The most important thing for all our team is to create a happy and vibrant work environment that allows for positive work-life balance.
  3. Over the last year we have significantly improved our processes in all aspects of our business so creating efficiency in all departments.
  4. We were incredibly happy to be successful in our application for a grant from the Devon Elevation Fund, via Devon County Council, which has paved the way to supporting our business to enhance its products and services for clients.
  5. We are proud to be able to continually product develop including the launch of our redesigned Open Oakley Dog Bedroom Furniture.
  6. We are over the moon that Harry, our founder, is a finalist in the Great British Entrepreneur Awards for the start-up business category. We cannot wait to celebrate further at the finals in London later this month.

So if you take anything from this article, it’s to take a moment to celebrate you success and recognise how far you’ve already come. Give yourself a huge hug, a pat on the back, a cuppa tea or whatever feels the most appropriate way to celebrate you today.

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