Designing your furniture with functionality in mind

designing furniture with functionality in mind

When it comes to designing your furniture it is important to have functionality in mind. This is a key factor in terms of how your piece will work for both your pet and your home. In this article we discuss the areas for consideration when it comes to creating your own bespoke furniture with us. 

What your pet needs in their space

At the heart of your furniture is your pet, and at the heart of what we do is understanding pets needs in terms of space.  Our furniture is designed with a primary focus on your pet’s bedroom and so this space has to work as a comfortable, safe space for your pet and be built to an appropriate size. Our business is founded to deliver bespoke furniture for your pets space and we customise everything we create entirely to your individual pets needs.  Whether your pet needs a large sized bedroom with no doors or a more enclosed cosy space away from the hustle and bustle of a home, we ensure every bedroom is tailored to suit your pet.  

It is also worth noting that your furniture design may not have a dog bedroom at the forefront of it.  A perfect example of this would be the use of a raised bed, feeding bowls or a more inclusive solution with bowls and storage together; any of which can be customised to suit your pets space.

Functionality in your furniture for your pet

Functionality for your pet can come in a range of ideas and all of our previous ideas have started with a customer asking us ‘is this possible?’  

Bowls for a feeding and water station are a good example; have you seen our Luna and Huxley designs?  Though even these can be tailored to suit your dog, for example with the use of slow feeders or different sized bowls being incorporated into the design.  Also, we aren’t limited to the feeding station only being incorporated into this design as it will suit many other styles, spaces and furniture too!

The best place in your home for your furniture

When deciding where in the home to put your furniture there are a number of things both practically for you and your dog that you will want to consider.   Our furniture does not necessarily need to go where your current crates are set as we can tailor the size of our furniture to fit any space.  

How will you use your furniture

Drawers and cupboards on a bespoke piece of furniture not only add practical and convenient storage solutions; but the detail looks excellent and they can be used in a variety of ways.  Will the cupboard on your furniture double as a doggy wardrobe or perhaps as a place for food storage? Instead of for your pet, it may be the perfectly designed space to house your drinks cabinet!

The finishing details of your furniture

You are now ready to think about how you design your furniture to perfectly suit your home and style. With a wealth of experience in detail and design we can create furniture to suit your home and needs perfectly. The finish includes the finer details of choice of ironmongery, to the range of wood materials, worktops and painted or wax finishes. At every step we work with you in the design process to ensure each element is perfect.  

Have you thought about incorporating a wine rack into your design or a dresser with glass cabinet doors above your dog bedroom perhaps?  

We are excited to show off some new and developing ideas we have been working on with customers over the next few months so look out for more videos and content across our social media too. In the mean time do have a browse of our gallery to see what has previously be designed. 

If there are any elements you would want to see more of to help with your design please do not hesitate to get in touch with us


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