Dog Crate Furniture Styles with Drawers

Dog Crate Furniture with Drawers

The Juno and Samson dog crate furniture styles with drawers are perhaps our most simple designs. However this doesn’t take from them being very popular pieces with our clients. By combining a pet bedroom space with a usable work surface and tidy drawer or two it is the perfect direct replacement for a metal dog crate. The Juno Bedroom style is also a great place to start when thinking about designing your own bespoke furniture to suit your pet and your home. 

Inspired to add drawers

Inspiration for dog crate furniture with drawers came quickly after we built our first piece of pet furniture. This piece was a side board to accommodate two cocker spaniels; now named The Tucker Bedroom. When considering functionality within the home it made sense for us to add more functionality above the pet bedroom. Hence the drawer was introduced. 

How many drawers in your Pet Furniture 

Size is a factor when designing your furniture and this needs to be considered on a number of levels. We have written an in-depth article on how to decide on the size of your pet furniture. However in short you should consider the space your pet needs and the space you have available in your home. When considering a direct replacement for the metal crate it is often The Juno Bedroom (single drawer) or The Samson Bedroom (double drawer) that work best. Each of these styles adds functionality above the bedroom space therefore not requiring too much additional floor space than your crate already uses. 

Drawers for more than one dog!

Another extremely popular style is The Skye Bedroom with room to accommodate multiple dogs. Again this takes inspiration from our first dog crate furniture piece we built (The Tucker Bedroom) with two or more drawers above the pet bedrooms. One or more removable divides are then added to accommodate multiple occupancy. The beauty of The Skye Bedroom is that providing adequate space in your home we can build this piece to home two, three or more dogs! Our largest bedroom to date was just under 3m long and was made to house three gorgeous pups. In some cases access to your home may be a concern. However please be reassured that we are experienced in building for narrow doorways and awkward spaces. We work closely with you throughout the design process to ensure this is not a hindrance to your finished piece.

More space, more drawers or something else! 

The beauty of what we do at The Pet Carpenter is how our team works with our clients to deliver an entirely bespoke piece of furniture to suit you and your pets. If you have more space to play with in your home then you might consider a set of drawers to the side of your bedroom; The Mabel Bedroom style, or a combination of drawers and a cupboard; The Bailey Bedroom style. However, don’t be pigeonholed by the popular styles we have already designed. Bespoke means bespoke and our in-house team have the expertise to deliver exactly to your needs, your pets’ needs and your style. Take inspiration from our gallery or Instagram page to get a feel for what other clients have designed with us in the past. 

Ready to design?!

We take great care in ensuring we deliver a service that is right for you from initial design right through to delivery.  There are no pushy sales when it comes to working with us. We pride ourselves in understanding what pets need in terms of space and helping you to design a space suitable for your pet. As every piece of furniture we build is bespoke our typical lead time is between 8-12 weeks. This allows us to give time and attention to ensuring a quality finish for your bespoke furniture. 

Please be reassured that many of our clients also like to take time to consider finishing options. This includes selecting paint colours and ironmongery. Our design and build process accommodates for the decision making time you need. We welcome as many emails, messages and calls needed to ensure your furniture is exactly as you want it to be and hold quotes on file for six months. Quotes are only reviewed after this date to check material costs have not dramatically changed after that time. We have found that this helps our clients to budget and plan ahead particularly if getting a new dog, undertaking home renovations or planning on moving to a new home. So why not start your design today?! We look forward to working with you soon. 

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