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The Pet Carpenter is delighted to have teamed up with Karishma Warr, founder of the Calm Canine Academy, to bring support to you on every aspect of behaviour and training for your dog.

Dog training and behaviour support

Our collaboration with Karishma and Calm Canine Academy provides you with access to free online training resources and discounted 1:1 and group coaching to help support you when you have a specific behaviour or training need for your dog.

Watch and learn more from Karishma about the exciting collaboration and discover how Calm Canine Academy can help you and your pet.

If you are interested in receiving behaviour and training support from Calm Canine Academy please contact us for a referral code

About the Calm Canine Academy

Founded on the belief that every dog deserves compassionate teaching and every human deserves access to credible training and behaviour services, the Calm Canine Academy is on hand to provide a range of expert digital dog training resources to owners of The Pet Carpenter furniture!

The team of certified and passionate trainers use humane and modern training methods to develop trust, boundaries and understanding between species. With years of experience, the Calm Canine Academy can empower you to change your dog’s behaviour and overcome reactivity, separation anxiety and unwanted behaviours.

If you need some help managing your pet’s transition to their new space and would like to discover more about training options with the Calm Canine Academy, simply click the button below.

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We're really delighted to be able to expand our expertise and our training offering to The Pet Carpenter so we can spread ethical training practices and the use of kind confinement to improve the dog and human relationship.

Karishma Warr - Founder of the Calm Canine Academy

Introducing your pet to their new space

Crate training is a complex process for all dog owners but it’s important that you make your dog’s transition from their current space to their new pet furniture as seamless as possible. No two pets are the same so be forgiving and don’t panic if things go wrong!

For support, guidance and reassurance as you move through the crate training process, read and refer to the resources linked below and don’t hesitate to get in touch with Calm Canine Academy for more support:

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Loki's learning journey with the Calm Canine Academy

When Loki (English Bull Terrier X Podenco) was rehomed and rescued in October 2022, it was clear that negative interactions on the streets of Spain had led to nervous behaviour. To help bring out Loki’s bouncy and loving temperament and get used to his new home, owners, Carolyn and Jeremy, sought the expert help of the team at Calm Canine Academy!

Following a mixture of online 1:1 and group sessions tailored to both pet and owner’s needs and availability, Loki quickly settled into his loving environment. Now aged 2 and a half, Loki is calmer and happier than ever and his owners have the tools they need to understand his behaviour and introduce and maintain healthy boundaries in the home.

Read Loki’s story

Calm Canine Academy not only gave us the tools to deal with Loki’s immediate behaviour issues, but also a clear understanding of general canine behaviour and psychology which has helped us enormously in not only understanding Loki, but also other dogs he has interactions with.

Carolyn & Jeremy - Loki's owners

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