Furniture design for a large dog

Furniture Design for a Large Dog

Furniture design for a large dog and your cosy home or narrow doorways is something we are experienced in. As we reach more pet owners throughout the UK we are well verse in supporting clients to overcome these challenges. In the following article we discuss some recent clients designs where we have designed and built large furniture and still enabled easy access to the home.

Cosy furniture design for a large dog

Creating a cosy space for a large dog can be more tricky when considering access to the home through narrow doorways. And when it comes to hiding a large metal crate perhaps even more difficult. When working with our team we will create something that is perfect for your pet and your home. Our client loved the Huxley Bedroom style which provides a secure feeding drawer accessed both inside and outside. They also needed a relatively large space, yet cosy, furniture design to suit their large Wirehaired Pointing Griffon dog. When considering access to the home we were able to build the unit in two parts. Each part can then slot together and the removable worktop place on top. This way of designing a piece means there really is no compromise for your dog when access may be a concern.

Height: 900mm     Width: 1100mm     Depth: 1400mm

This piece is finished in Ammonite by Farrow and Ball with black ironmongery and a hard wearing oak worktop. The removable feeding drawer has been included to secure a large water bowl to be accessed inside the pet bedroom. You can watch the full bedroom tour below.


Combining storage with furniture design for a large dog

A bespoke dog bedroom offers an alternative to the traditional dog crate. When you have a large dog, although hiding a metal crate is one option, a piece of furniture can do wonders for your home. We worked closely with our client to design this beautiful piece which being close to three metres long required additional solutions to ensure it could access the home through doorways. Complete with plenty of storage solutions, a beautiful oak worktop and a large bedroom area for our clients dogs this really is a showpiece in the home.  

Height: 900mm     Width: 2800mm     Depth: 630mm

Finished beautifully in Dove Grey by Farrow and Ball to match our clients home interiors and durable oak worktop. This piece also features our unique sliding door allowing for an open airy space for dogs to come and go as they please.

You can view the full bedroom tours on our YouTube Channel.

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