Pet Furniture with Cupboards

Pet furniture with cupboards

When it comes to practicality for the home choosing to design pet furniture with cupboards could provide perfect storage solution. In this article we discuss The Bailey Bedroom style of dog crate furniture with a cupboard and drawers. We also discuss another clients bespoke design for their pet rabbits. We hope this helps inspire you to design you own pet furniture with us.

Inspired to add cupboards

The next natural step as our designs developed from dog crate furniture with drawers was to design pet furniture with cupboards. The Bailey Bedroom is the perfect combination, providing a cosy safe space for your dog with the added practicality of drawers and a cupboard. The Bailey Bedroom offers a beautiful feature piece for your home, which also keeps your pets bits and pieces neatly tidied away.

Adding your own creativity

bespoke pet furniture with cupboards

Adding your own creativity to your bespoke pet furniture with cupboards can be influenced for practicality and style in your home. The pet furniture pictured above demonstrates ways in which our clients have added their own creativity to their piece of furniture. The dark grey Bailey Bedroom is for the kitchen. Our client asked for an extended worktop to place a fridge next to the cupboard. You can tour this Bailey Bedroom on YouTube now.

The next pet furniture with cupboards is for house rabbits. Our client has a room in their home dedicated to their pets and they wanted a solution that delivered on all the storage needs for their pets. Therefore a combination of drawers and cupboards was selected.

The final piece of pet furniture is a version of The Bailey Bedroom style. Our client opted to match with their existing home interiors by adding brass finished handles. They also chose the up and over door style for the pet bedroom and wanted the same style door for their storage cupboard.

How to pet furniture with cupboards?

When you are considering how to design your own pet furniture with cupboards design we encourage you to work through the The Bailey Bedroom design builder form. The design builder form helps to walk you through all the areas of consideration. Once your form is submitted we will provide you with a detailed plan of your design and a quoted price. Each design builder form has a notes section and uploads so you can provide as much information as you like. If you have a different idea to our popular styles you can start your design here. We look forward to designing with you soon.

For more pet furniture inspiration visit our gallery, Instagram or YouTube channel.


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