How To Measure A Cat For New Pet Furniture

When we make bespoke pet furniture, a couple of simple measurements go a long way towards creating the perfect home for your cat.

Our simple easy guide to measuring your cat

When we make bespoke pet furniture, a couple of simple measurements go a long way towards creating the perfect home for your cat. However, cats are as tricky as they are loveable and keeping your pet still enough to be measured might sound like a thankless task. Fortunately, there is no need to run yourself ragged trying to pin your frantic feline down. Our guide will teach you how to measure a cat for new pet furniture in five simple steps so that you can begin turning your dream creation into physical reality with the help of The Pet Carpenter.

Step 1 - Create A Calm Environment

Pick and choose where and when you measure your cat for new pet furniture. It’s no use trying to get accurate measurements when your cat is feeling excitable or playful, though play is a great way to reward your pet once you’ve got the information you need. We suggest choosing a time of day when your cat is feeling its calmest and go to a room or place where your pet tends to settle like their bed or favourite spot on the sofa.

Step 2 - Hold Your Cat Still

This is where another person’s help comes in handy. There are a number of different roles a family and friend can fill in the process of taking cat measurements and all make the process much more efficient. We suggest that you or somebody your cat is used to holds them still so that they are less inclined to wriggle free. The second pair of hands can then jot down measurements, hold the tape measure or give lots of belly rubs!

Step 3 - Measure Your Cat’s Height

When your cat is comfortable with their surroundings, take a fabric measuring tape and grab a height measurement. For this, you’ll want your pet stood as naturally as possible on all four paws then measure from the floor (or whatever they are perched on) to the base of the neck. This gives us enough information to work out the perfect height for your cat’s furniture without you having to fret about keeping the cat’s head still. You can add a bit of extra room to your measurements if you wish, but we will always bear in mind the fact that your cat will need space to move around and get comfy.

Step 4 - Take A Length Measurement

Measuring the length of your cat is a little easier as you can get a pretty good measurement no matter what position your cat is in. For this reason we recommend taking the length measurement second as it doesn’t matter so much if you cat starts to tire by this point. Measure between the tip of your cat’s nose along to the base of the tail. Even with a firm grip on your pet, he or she is likely to wiggle and move so we tend not to bother with a tail measurement for this reason. We can make accurate allowances for your cat’s tail when you provide us with their breed and age.

Step 5 - Consider Your Other Pets

While this step isn’t technically part of measuring a cat, it’s still super important that you bear in mind the other pet bedroom features you’d like and consider whether you’d like your furniture to cater for your other pets. If you’d like your pets to share the same space, let us know! Alternatively, check out our handy guide to measuring a dog if you want to house your pets in separate living spaces within the space piece of furniture.

Other Things To Consider

Accurate measurements provide a great guide when we start to design your cat’s home within your bespoke pet furniture, but it is natural information about the way your pet sleeps and behaves that will really transform the space.

Should you struggle to take measurements of your cat or have any questions about the details we require, simply reach out to the friendly team at The Pet Carpenter. We can guide you through the entire process of designing your perfect piece of pet furniture, from measuring your cat to choosing your favourite features.

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