The Design Process and Dog Crate Furniture Design Inspiration

Bespoke Dresser Sideboard Dog Crate Furniture

Designing your own dog crate furniture allows for your to be creative whilst meeting your pet and home needs. Whether you are seeking to compliment home interiors or design a piece that adds lots of functionality for the home by working with The Pet Carpenter team you can create a dog crate furniture design that is uniquely yours. The following article details some recent commissions to help inspire you to create your own dog crate furniture design. You can also learn more about the design process towards the end of this article. 

Cupboard and Drawers Storage Dog Crate Furniture Design

Design brief

This piece was crafted for our dog behaviour and training partners at Calm Canine Academy. They were seeking a piece that would provide plenty of storage for the home that also offered a comfortable space for their residing dogs. The Calm Canine Academy promotes positive use of boundaries and crate spaces in the home for the benefit of dogs wellbeing and we are proud to have partnered with them to offer further support to our community.


Our client shared the breed and of their dog Hera (poodle) and we were able to design the piece that combined both a cupboard and drawers to meet their storage requirements. The external dimensions of this piece are:

Height: 90mm     Width: 150mm     Depth: 70mm


The piece is finished in Lamp Room Grey by Farrow and Ball with a solid oak worktop.

Ironmongery and Finishing

This piece is complete with black ironmongery and hardware.

You can design this style from £1495.  


Wine Rack Dog Crate Furniture Design

Design brief

Our client approached us to design some furniture that would be suitable for their three spaniels. The furniture design needed to provide open crate spaces that the dogs could come and go as they please. Due to the size required we worked with our client to deliver two separate designs that worked together. Our client also wanted to include some functional features for the home including drawer and cupboard storage and stylish wine rack.


We worked with our client to understand the space required for their pets comfort and combined this with space available in their home and desired features. The external dimensions of these pieces are:

Bedroom 1 (Wine Rack Dog Crate Furniture Design):Height: 90cm    Width: 210cm    Depth: 60cm
Bedroom 2 (Open Dog Crate Furniture Design): Height: 75cm    Width: 100cm    Depth: 60cm


The frames of these pieces are painted in Mole’s Breath by Farrow and Ball and offset with solid oak worktops.

Ironmongery and Finishing

Our client opted for black ironmongery and oak detailing on the edge panels to make for a stylish design.

Bespoke Soft Furnishings

To complete these two pieces we also included bespoke soft furnishings in pink cheque fabric which are carefully handcrafted by our soft furnishings partner at The Artisan Dog Company.

You can commission these styles:

Bedroom 1 (Wine Rack Dog Crate Furniture from: £2295
Bedroom 2 (Open Dog Crate Furniture Design) from: £650


Large Dresser Dog Crate Furniture Design

Design brief

Our client came to us looking to design a bespoke bedroom that was open but also had the ability of a safe enclosed space when needed and hence the up and over door was the perfect option for their Labrador. They also sought to maximise storage for their home and so included cupboards and drawers as well as vertically innovating above the bedroom space to create a bespoke dresser sideboard.


To The external dimensions of this piece are:

Base Unit: Height: 90cm     Width: 210cm     Depth: 80cm
Dresser Top: Height: 130cm     Width: 210cm


Our client to chose Ammonite by Farrow and Ball for the frame. The piece is complete with a solid oak worktops and shelving in a honey wax finish.

Ironmongery and Finishing

This piece is finished with black ironmongery and hardware and makes a stylish, statement piece for the home.

Due to the extensive bespoke nature this piece is priced on design. 


The Design Process

Step 1:

Take time to do your research and decide what you want from your piece of furniture. Is it simply a direct replacement for your pets existing safe space or are you looking to get more from your furniture? Our gallery can be a great place to start.

Step 2:

Prepare to use the quote design form by getting measurements for your piece. You share the size of the overall piece you are looking to design and measurements of your pets current space. For advice use our size guide.

Step 3:

Once you have submitted your design form we will review your details and share a guide price range with you. If you are happy to proceed with your guide price we will proceed to draw up your design.

Step 4:

Our team will consider your pets space and all the features that your would like in your piece and share a design and quote with you from which we can work together to make perfect.

Step 5:

Once you have received your initial design we encourage you to book a design call to discuss any specific details. Where required we will share update design files with you.

Step 6:

When you are happy with your design we will invoice for 50% of your project and your place will be booked into our workshop queue and materials will be ordered.


For further design inspiration please head over to our Instagram or visit our YouTube Channel.

If you would like to start designing with us you can either:

book a design consultation or use our online design tool.

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