What to Put Inside a Dog Crate

Samson Dog Crate

Crate training your dog can feel like a daunting task at first, especially if it’s your first pet! It’s an exciting time but it’s easy to feel overwhelmed but just how much choice there is currently in the pet product market. Fortunately we’ve put together a list of what to put inside a dog crate. Whether it’s your first metal crate or a bespoke bedroom from The Pet Carpenter!

A Comfy Bed

Most pups use their crate for rest. Whether that’s to sleep in at night or for more casual naps throughout the day (or both!) Therefore, you’ll need to make sure their crate is comfy and inviting, with plenty of cosy space to snooze in. Finding stylish, cosy beds that fit crates can be a bit of a mission at the best of times. However our new Bespoke Dog Bed Cushions have been designed to fit our furniture perfectly! They’re available in a choice of three designs, each with a sherpa fleece underside. They can be tailored to traditional metal crates while your The Pet Carpenter furniture is being built. Simply let us know the width and length measurements!

A Blanket or Crate Cover

Some owners decide to use blankets or crate covers to help make their dog’s sleeping space more cosy. They’re also useful for blocking out light and helping puppies nap throughout the day. If your dog is easily overwhelmed or finds it hard to settle in their crate, covering it with a blanket helps to block out the outside world for them. They can be used to help hide your metal dog crate in your home too, so it better fits in with your existing home interiors!

Tasty Treats

If you’re still crate training your dog, it’s a good idea to provide enrichment toys and tasty treats inside their crate. Not only will this help create a positive association with the crate, it also provides clear boundaries for other dogs and members of the family at meal times. Crate based enrichment activities don’t have to be elaborate either. You can start by scattering some treats in their bed, encouraging to sniff them out! Using portions of their daily food allowance in your treat and enrichment activities will also ensure you’re not overfeeding your pup.

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Their Favourite Toys

Another great thing to put in your dog’s crate are some of their favourite toys to play with. Whether that’s their soft toys, squeaky toys or harder chew toys. It’s all about creating a safe and inviting space for your dog to spend time in when they need it. Keeping your dog’s toys in their crate also means all their belongings are kept tidily in one place, rather than strewn throughout your home. Many of our Bespoke Bedrooms are designed with integrated storage options. This means you can easily rotate your pup’s favourite toys, so they don’t get bored or overwhelmed as easily!

Access to Water

At The Pet Carpenter we do not recommend leaving your pup shut in their crate for prolonged periods of time, especially if they’re not supervised. It’s also important to ensure your dog has access to fresh drinking water 24/7. This includes while they’re in their crate. Thankfully there are a couple of options here. You can either place bowls inside your crate, alongside your pup’s bed (though make sure you factor this in when measuring for your new piece of furniture. Alternatively, our Luna Bedroom and Huxley Bedroom have been designed specifically to enable your dog access to their bowls both inside and outside their bedroom. Simply pull out the integrated feeding station when they’re outside or close it for access while they’re chilling in the crate. The feeding stations also help prevent accidental spills!

We’d love to hear your recommendations on what to put inside a dog crate. Did we miss anything?

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