What to consider when designing furniture for two or more pet dogs

Having pets in our lives provides a deep sense of wellbeing and many of our clients have more than one pet dog. In this article we discuss what to consider when designing furniture for two or more pet dogs. Whilst most of our clients have dogs, we have built for other pets including cats and rabbits. You can see examples in our small pets furniture feature.

Designing furniture for two extra large breed dogs

When designing for extra large breed dogs it’s important to be considerate of the size of the space they require. This is in reference to both the size of their space within the bedroom area and also the space you have within your home to place your piece of bespoke pet furniture. Your dog should be able to walk in and out of their bedroom and turn around without effecting their natural gait. In this case you will need to consider the width, height and depth of the space you provide them with. We have a useful size guide and tutorial video to help understand this further. In addition our experienced team can also advise on suitable sizing for your dogs and we also offer telephone design consultation to assist.

You can design this style from £1695.

Designing furniture for pet dogs that are different sizes

One of the many benefits of designing your own bespoke pet furniture is that we work closely with you to design a piece that perfectly suits your needs. Dogs come in many different shapes and sizes and it is important to be able to design their space to suit them. Our double occupancy designs don’t have to have a central divide and you can choose to create offset bedroom sizes depending on the needs of your dogs. Our designs have also been developed to allow for plenty of options so for example the divide can be made to be removable presenting the ability to have one large space where your dogs can cosy up together if they please.

You can design this style from £1495.

Designing furniture for small breed dogs

When designing furniture for small breed dogs you can be imaginative with how you design a functional piece of furniture for the home. This client needed a replacement for their television unit. They combined this idea with their pet bedroom creating a tidy, functional and feature piece of furniture for the living room.

You can design this style from £1495.

Designing kitchen furniture for dogs that like to share their space

If you are considering a re-design of your kitchen space adding a breakfast bar can really add to your space. Combining this with a secure and cosy for your dogs to cosy up makes for a special feature in the home. This particular piece was made for three border terriers who love to sleep in a shared space. The breakfast bar style provides plenty of room for them and has been completed with our sliding door. This creates an open and welcoming entranceway that stays neatly within the furniture. We always recommend that when designing furniture for heavy use areas such as the kitchen to choose a hardwood worktop such as oak. Using a hardwood is not only more durable over a the years but it can also be more easily maintained in the home.

You can design this style from £1995; (Oak Worktop – 40mm thickness – upgrade from £395).

Designing furniture for pet dogs that need secure feeding solutions

When considering how your pets will use their space we encourage you to browse our pet bedroom features. There are many features that you can choose for your dog and one includes our secure feeding solutions. Whether you want the addition of a single feeding drawer for water or a double feeding drawer for food and water, this feature can really add to the comfort for your pet in their space.

You can design this style from £2995.

Designing furniture for three or more pet dogs

Designing bespoke pet furniture doesn’t stop at two dogs and we know many clients who have multiple dogs. This piece of furniture demonstrates the ability to design a piece that is for three dogs. Our client has three cocker spaniels who each enjoy their own separate space for cosying up.

You can design this style from £1695.

Our how to design furniture for two or more dogs also offers further things to consider in the design process. If you are ready to design your own piece of pet furniture you can use our online design tool. We also offer telephone design consultations where you can speak to one of our friendly team.

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