How to design furniture for two or more dogs

Photo of two dogs in wooden dog crate furniture sideboard

When considering how to design furniture for two or more dogs there are a few things to take into account for the design process. The benefit of working with our team at The Pet Carpenter is that we have the knowledge and expertise of both furniture design and making as well as understanding what dogs need. This is particularly important when we look at designs for multiple dogs. In this article we talk through the key tips to designing your own dog crate furniture for your beloved dogs.

What size to design furniture for two or more dogs?

There are a few factors when it comes to the sizing of furniture for two or more dogs.

  1. Size of dogs. We will always ask for information on the breeds and sizes of your dogs. We also welcome photos! This is an important part of the design process as it allows our team to ensure the bedroom you are designing provides ample space for your pets.
  2. Co-sleeping, separate or both. Some dogs will be happy to cosy up and it is possible for two or more dogs to share a bed. We do however have various options to suit all sleeping choices. We can offer the fixed divide option creating separate dog crate spaces. Many clients do however opt for the removable divide which allows for you to open the separate crate spaces into one by simply removing the divide. Whether fixed or removable, the divides can either be full panels or have bars.
  3. Space / location in your home. Beyond the space requirements for your dogs you will need to consider the space and location you would like your dog crate furniture in your home. The final two sections in this article will help you to explore these options if you haven’t yet decided where you will place your furniture.
  4. Access to your home. Access to your home might be a concern and especially if you have larger dog breeds that will require more space. That said you can be confident in The Pet Carpenter’s design expertise to help overcome such challenges during the design process. To see some examples of where we have specially designed large furniture please see our large furniture, narrow doorways YouTube playlist.

You can find out more on sizing and design by reading this article on what size dog crate do I need?

Function for your home

Not only will your furniture provide a safe and cosy space for your dogs, but it can also provide function for your home. If you are not restricted by size then you should consider which room you would like to place your bespoke dog furniture. There are many options where to place your furniture, however think about how it will be used practically by you and your family. As an example is the your kitchen the hub of the home and could you design a breakfast bar dog bedroom? Or perhaps you like to cosy up in the living room and designing a large unit for beneath your television would suit. Or it might simply be that you would like a large sideboard for your dining room or hallway. There are plenty of options however if  you are undecided our team are on hand to help advise.

Features of your furniture

When it comes to the features of your furniture it will link into the previous section where we discussed function for your home.

Take for example the breakfast bar design which will be situated in the kitchen. The primary feature of this piece is to provide a worktop breakfast bar space that can survive heavy use. We advise clients to choose a hardwearing wood, such as oak, which is resistant dents and marks and can be easily maintained.

Alternatively if we consider the living room and you may not need such a hardwearing worktop. However you would like your furniture to provide additional storage for example some drawers above the dogs bedroom. We would recommend those considering this style of design for two or more dogs, to look at our Skye Bedroom style of furniture. To get a feel for the options available you can view many video tours of the Skye Bedroom style on our “More than one dog” Bedroom Tours YouTube playlist.

Finally our classic Tucker Bedroom style and Corner Bedroom style deliver great options for providing plenty of display space for the home. The benefit of designing a bespoke piece of dog bedroom furniture over the traditional metal crate is that you can maximise the space around your pets space, whilst also bringing your own style or matching existing home interiors.

Popular Styles for two or more dogs

The Tucker Bedroom

The Tucker Bedroom is a multiple occupancy style dog crate furniture offering a large side board feature for any home.  Previous clients have designed the Tucker Bedroom for the following rooms; the hallway, dining room, boot room, or fitted into the kitchen.

The Skye Bedroom

The Skye Bedroom is a multiple occupancy style dog crate furniture offering a large side board feature and storage drawers above the unit. Clients often select this style for the living room and open plan kitchen dining rooms. Sometimes clients have opted to design the Skye Bedroom style as a TV media unit.

The Corner Bedroom Style

The Corner Bedroom style is a dog crate furniture piece that delivers a sideboard/table feature and often makes the most out of unused space in a room. In the past clients have designed for both the lounge and sunrooms. You can see an example of a corner bedroom tv media unit for two small dogs.

If you are interested in designing a bespoke piece of furniture for your pets and your home have a browse of our popular styles. If you have any questions please contact us. 


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